Seasons of a Servant is a collection of visits with the Lord for the past 18 years as we have traveled with Christ's Kingdom Ministries. Christ's Kingdom Ministries ministers to pastors across denominational lines sharing the love of Jesus and encouragement with them.

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Enduring Journey: Satan's Attack

So often Father gives us a warning of what is to come.  I love it when He prepares us, tells us to watch and wait or to be aware.  So as you read this next message know that we took great heed to this message during this time of ministry.  We give all Glory to God for His amazing care and preparation of His children.  We are His children and have surrendered our whole lives, every facet of it, to Him.

 May 13, 2001

(Father speaking)
Get up now, Karen and go write what I say.  These next days are going to be full of My presence and My joy as you speak My name and love many in My name.  These times like tonight are a part of this journey because satan does not want you to do what I say.  He wants to interrupt everything that I am doing through you and this will not happen.  Do you hear what I say, this will not happen.  You belong to Me and I will have control of what you do and what you say.  You are My children and I will speak through you and I will show you who to hug and love with My love.  Tell satan to leave in Jesus name.  Keep fighting him at every turn because he will come against you but you have the power to tell him to leave and he has to go.  Keep praying the prayer of Jabez every day.  Some time you may even pray it a couple of times a day just because the attack is greater than ever before.  Remember what I told you through My servant, I will send you into the fire but you will not be burned.  Tonight is just an example of being in the fire.  You spent that time with your friend, I told her to give you the money and she was obedient.  I have more for you but you must keep walking in the faith that I have given you and you must keep believing that I have told you the truth and that your money and motor home are soon, very soon.  I can tell you no more at this time because you do not need to know more but when you least expect it, it will come and you will step into it like putting on a glove and you will not miss a step because of it.  The house is ready to sell and soon you will get it appraised and you will know that it is time.  The money is Mine to care for; the motor home is waiting for appropriate time for you to take possession.  It is all in My time and in My way.  Do you trust Me, Karen and Charley?  Do you want to walk without stumbling with Me, My children?   Then take that first step, and the next and the next for those steps lead straight to Me and I am with you.  I am with you every step and in all ways.  You will see and you will know that I am faithful and I am true and I am your Lord.  I am Your friend and your Lord.

(Karen speaking)
Lord, I rejoice in all that You have said.  Thank You for encouraging us when we are weak.  Thank You for lifting us to Your throne when we stumble like tonight.  Thank You for the joy of ministry that is ours.  Thank You for the peace that passes understanding.  We love You so much, Lord, and we want to be all that You desire.  You have shown us so much and You have given us so much.  We are so blessed and loved and held close by Your loving arms.

(Father speaking)
I love you, My daughter and My son.  I am so close to you, I dwell in you as My Holy Spirit and I am your Master and King.  Hold on to Me as you hold your best friend’s hand.  I am your best friend and I will never leave you, I will always be with you.  I am with you right now.  You can touch it, feel, know it and stand on it.  I will give you even more sight in these days ahead.  When Charley begins to write the itinerary for this trip it will almost write itself.  I have it all planned, I have your appointments waiting for you and I will be with you every moment.  You are never alone.  Right now you are not alone and you will never be alone.  Seek Me daily.  Do not hesitate to lie before Me.  Do not be lax in what you do in praise and worship.  Do not be lax in spending time on your face.  Do not let fear or confusion rule in your life for those are not of Me.  Keep the enemy at bay with My Word and by joining together to speak to him and tell him to leave.  He will dog your steps but you have the power to overcome him.  What he brings is not your portion right now for these next days are very, very important for ministry and for the plans that I have for you.  We are on this journey together and all you have to do is walk with Me.  Talk with Me.  Love with Me.  Speak with Me.  And rejoice with Me.  That is all for tonight but know, My children, that I love you and I am enjoying the journey with you.  Remember the smiles, the hugs and the love and tell only what I give you to tell.  I will get honor and glory from all that you say.

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