Seasons of a Servant is a collection of visits with the Lord for the past 18 years as we have traveled with Christ's Kingdom Ministries. Christ's Kingdom Ministries ministers to pastors across denominational lines sharing the love of Jesus and encouragement with them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Enduring Journey: Know The Call

May 17, 2001

As we spent time with the Lord this Wednesday morning, Charley got up from where he had been laying face down on the bed and began to assemble the computer.  He opened the Word program and had it ready for me when I arose from the bed where I had been laying face down before the Lord.  I asked him if he needed me to write for him while he dictated.  He said “no”, Father told me to set it up because He was giving you a word.  I went to the computer out of obedience because at that moment I did not know what I would write.  When I sat down at the computer and placed my hands on the keys, I closed my eyes before the Lord and this is what He told me:

(Father speaking)
I have shown you this morning that you are My messengers and that I am leading and guiding you.  Do not doubt anymore that you are on My appointments and that you are My children.  You are obedient children.  I wish all of My children would be obedient as you are.  Keep loving those that I send you to.  They need to know so much that I love them that I would send you to them because I love them.  You are an extension of My hand and of My arms.  I send you to give hope in the midst of hopelessness and joy in the midst of pain.  I must get My Word to the children who love Me but who are not sure how to walk with Me.  I am their God and they are My people.  As you read this morning in Acts when Paul went back to where he had been so that he could check on those he had spoken to and so that he could bless them and love them, so I send you back to those I have sent you to love and hug.  They need to know and hear that I continue forever to love them.  What a joy to walk with you every step of the way.  You are learning that I never leave you.  You are learning how to appropriate My joy, love and peace as you give it to others.  Keep walking with Me and keep seeking Me for every decision.  You are listening to My voice very well and I am pleased with all that you are doing.  Stay on the narrow road because it will lead you every where I want you to go.  I love you both and I am going to use you more and more in the Kingdom.  You are learning My way of doing things and it brings great joy to Me.  Stay in My Word and on your face before Me.  Karen, begin to compile all the words I have given you.  This is another area of ministry and I want you to start working these things up into something to give away.  My people need to see that I talk to My children and I encourage My children and I am with My children every step of the way.  My children are so discouraged and I want them to see manifested before them, My love, My provision and My care.  I love them so much and they do not believe I love them.  They do not believe that I want only the best for them.  The world teaches them something else but I want them to know that I am true and I am able and that I am sufficient for all of their needs.  Thank you for being willing to be used by Me in anything I send you to do.  There are not many who will remain willing to walk steadfastly with Me.  You are ones that I can depend on.  Thank You.

(Karen's response)
Oh, Lord, I am so unworthy of such praise but I receive Your love and Your thanks because it is my desire to be all that You want me to be.  Help me, Lord, to be that faithful child who hears the voice of his or her parent and obeys without question and without reservation.  I love You, Lord, and I want only to be used by You to accomplish all that You desire.  It is joy to serve You and it brings such awesome peace to walk hand in hand with You.  I do not like the sense of being separated from You by my own thoughts and ideas.  I want only Your thoughts and only Your plans and ideas.  I want to be so consumed by You that when I breathe, I am one with You.  Praise You, Lord, You are all that I need.  You are all that I want.  You are all for me.  Hold me so close to You.  Thank You,
Lord.  Peace is my portion.  Rest is my portion.  Joy is my portion.  I praise You, Lord.

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