Seasons of a Servant is a collection of visits with the Lord for the past 18 years as we have traveled with Christ's Kingdom Ministries. Christ's Kingdom Ministries ministers to pastors across denominational lines sharing the love of Jesus and encouragement with them.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Enduring Journey: I Will Not Leave You

April 26, 2001

(Father speaking) 
Tonight as you prayed for so many that I have given you to love and encourage, I believe you saw the magnitude of what I have sent you to do.  Without Me you can do nothing and I know that you know that.  I am going to give you all that I have promised.  I am faithful to fulfill all that I have promised and I will show you and others what the supernatural really is and how it happens to My children through My Holy Spirit.  I love you and I am pleased with all that you have done in My name.  You have sought Me and have been obedient to Me.  You are My children and I love you.  You desire to follow Me explicitly every step that I give you to take. 
Tonight My presence was so evident as you could not stop shaking and you could not let go of the presence of My Spirit.  I am Yours and you are Mine.  We are one and we will always be one.  Tomorrow seek Me in the morning, when the day is new and be ready for Me to work through you.  These next few days will be so awesome and My presence will be seen and felt by all that you come in contact with.  You will show to all My power and presence.  You will be My witnesses unto all the earth and those that I send you to.  So much is happening in the Kingdom.  You do not know the impact of all that has happened through you.  (I can hardly write because of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I am overcome with His love and power and it is so much a part of my life to be in His presence.  We are Yours, Lord, and You are ours.)  Karen, trust Me.  I know that you have had thoughts of: “Is this really going to happen?”  Yes, it will happen.  You have taken possession of the motor home and you are looking for the benefactors.  It is soon, very soon and you just need to walk in faith, believing and trusting Me and not wavering and not doubting.  Remember I told my servant to tell you that discouragement is not your portion and doubt is not your portion.  That is where you are right now.  You have seen the prophecy being fulfilled and you will see more. 
Awake each day expectant for what will happen for the Kingdom that day.  Rest in Me and Abide in Me.  I am Your God and you are My people.  See the mighty hand of the Lord.  See My works, see My healing, see My joy reflected in your face and in the faces of others.  See the supernatural and speak My name to those who do not believe but see and must believe because they see the manifestation of My presence and power.  This is My word for you tonight.  You will walk one day at a time with Me in such trust and obedience that the world will look and say, “It cannot be true, but You will say, Yes, it is true and they will see, they will know and they will heed My words because of your walk.” 
I AM that I AM has spoken to you.  I AM that I AM loves you.  I AM that I AM will never leave you nor forsake you.  I AM that I AM will bring to pass all that I have spoken and soon.  I AM that I AM is Lord, Master and forever Lord, Walk In Your healing.  Walk in Your provision.  Walk in Your joy.  Walk with Your eyes and thoughts upon Me in confidence that I AM that I AM.

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