Seasons of a Servant is a collection of visits with the Lord for the past 18 years as we have traveled with Christ's Kingdom Ministries. Christ's Kingdom Ministries ministers to pastors across denominational lines sharing the love of Jesus and encouragement with them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Enduring Journey: One Step at a Time

April 20, 2001 It is Your Day Lord!
(Karen Speaking)

Father has brought us to this town to visit with a pastor that we have not met but whose wife we met last fall.  We had walked into the visitor’s center and she was sharing about the city and all of its attractions.  We shared with her what we do in ministry and she told us she was a pastor’s wife.  What a joy to talk with her for about 20 minutes and bring Father’s love and encouragement to her!  She was very receptive to what we were sharing and we saw her countenance change to one of peace.  Praise the Lord for the peace that His love and truth brings into people’s lives.  This is a note that came from within me in response to all that the Lord desires to do and my willingness to let Him have control of my life.

  I wrote: It is at times like these that we must remember that our Lord Reigns.  We must trust Him even when we cannot see what He is trying to accomplish.  We have seen Him direct and organize our time in such unbelievable ways that we cannot doubt His hand and His plan.

We are in a motel tonight.  The pastor and his family that we came to see are completely booked for the weekend and they just returned from a vacation.  His wife remembered visiting with us and I have sent our newsletter to them since we were here.  She was very glad to hear we were in the area but this is her daughter’s birthday weekend and there are many plans made.  We are here for Sunday morning to be in service.  What do we do in the meantime?  Whatever Father tells us to do!  That is what we do!  It is awesome and sometimes difficult to just walk one step at a time, sweet Jesus!  We have seen Him take our hand leads us into people’s lives.  Why do we ever doubt that He will do the same thing every moment of every day?  We should never doubt or fear!  We are His children, called by His Word and ordained by His hand.  This ministry is His and He directs us.  He has prepared us and continues to prepare us for all that He is doing.

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