Seasons of a Servant is a collection of visits with the Lord for the past 18 years as we have traveled with Christ's Kingdom Ministries. Christ's Kingdom Ministries ministers to pastors across denominational lines sharing the love of Jesus and encouragement with them.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Enduring Journey: Peace and Rest

June 13, 2001
(Karen Speaking)
I love journaling!! I have done it for a very long time and when I get weary of the pages I write building to the thousands I remember why the Lord told me to journal in the first place. He wanted me to record all He did in my life so that through the years I would have that encouragement on His care, protection, provision and presence in my life. So when I look back 10 to 15 years and read again the words He spoke to me and remember what was happening in my life at the time, I know I can go on in my life trusting Father with who I am and where I go and the people I know.  What a blessing!!! Thank You Lord for giving me this very special opportunity!! Read and enjoy the Lord’s blessings and encouragement today!

(Father Speaking)
You are doing well, My son, to confess the things that My Spirit convicts you of.  You must continue to confess and seek cleansing when you stumble.  I am always here.  I love you and I want you to walk with Me in pureness of heart.  The blood of Jesus will cleanse your heart, your mind and your spirit so that you can walk with Me continually in newness, in cleanness, in purity.  I want you to go ahead and pay the hospital.  I want you to go ahead and pay the doctor.  Those two bills are ready to be paid.  Put them on your credit card and just trust Me.  I will take care of them.  I have spoken to the providers and they will be responding very, very soon.  Your motor coach is ready for you to pick up.  As soon as the money arrives I will give you directions so that you can retrieve it.  I have been telling you about the stories that you are to tell.  Your excitement is pleasant to Me but the stories will be more meaningful and more awesome than you now know.  This is going to be a very exciting time.  I am pleased with what both of you are doing.  Continue to seek Me.  Continue to lay before My throne.  Continue to listen intently for My voice.  Every moment of every day will be very important.  Nothing will happen in your lives that are insignificant.  You must stay focused even more than before.  I know you have heard that before from Me but you will continue to hear it and walk in it, even more than before.  I love you, My children.  Continue to walk with Me.

(Karen Speaking)
We received a motor home for about 6 months and Father told us that this was our tutorial. It was amazing what we were able to do with it. We transported over 100 stuffed animals to missionaries in South Texas and also many other supplies.  We used it for ministry to missionary families, a nice place to sit and visit during a hot season. Then the Lord directed us to take it back in better shape than we received it and release it.  We continue as He told us at the end of His message, to walk with HIM!! 

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